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Welcome here.

Currently working on freelance projects. My confidentiality agreement with employers do not allow me to remove art files for recent projects from worksites to use in a recent portfolio. The links above points to some previous projects, and social media feeds. Adding some previously completed projects to my LinkedIn profile when I have some free time. Feel free to peruse, and ask questions if need be...

I will do updates on the site as soon as I have the oppertunity to sit down without interruption and get my creative juices flowing, combining completed projects within the new site.

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Here's a little about me.

I have been working as a Print, Packaging and Graphic Designer for a number of years, both as freelancer and on contract. Duties over the last few years mostly included IT Support roles and team leader, specifically providing the team with the skills required to meet the challenges that cross their path on a daily basis in the corporate conglomeration of FMCG printing plate production, on how to manage client orders, queries and costings.

I am currently doing freelance work and take new projects on when I can, depending on the time I have at my disposal. Best is to drop me an e-mail.

As a member of the South African Freelancers Association freelance rates is based on the latest SAFREA approved rates, abiding by rules and regulations governing freelance workers in Southern Africa.

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Cell: +27 (0)82 322 3580

Doornpoort 0186, Pretoria North,
Gauteng, South Africa

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