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Hi there...

Welcome here.

I have portfolios spread over various internet sites, most of them not too up to date. Links to some of them are available at the top of the page, mostly for private projects and the odd freelance project. My confidentiality agreement with employers do not allow me to remove artwork from worksites. Feel free to peruse.

The background slideshow is a mix of old and new work, mostly photography related.

I will do updates on the site as soon as I have the oppertunity to sit down without interruption and get my creative juices flowing...

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Here's a little about me.

Originally starting off as a IT nerd studying computer programming, I accidentally ended up in the design and photography industry. I liked it, so I stuck with it.

I have been employed on both freelance and permanent positions in the Printing Industry for over 20 years, mostly in the flexographic printing, packaging and property advertising industry, but do some digital and photographic work. Keen to learn more when I need pick up a challenge.

I do ocassionally do freelance work, depending on the time I have at my disposal. Best is to drop me an e-mail.

As a member of the South African Freelancers Association freelance rates is based on the latest SAFREA approved rates.

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Unit 338, Westlake Eco Estate, Westfield Road,
Modderfontein, Edenvale 1645, Gauteng, South Africa

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