I  have been working in the graphic design, printing and packaging  industry for over 20 years. I am able to assist with most things print related, including two to four-page web designs. Feel free to ask about hosting solutions.
Amateur  photographer. Proficient in image colour grading and post-processing, pre-press and finishing art for the printing sector. Please see my Linked-In profile for more information.
My  partner, Hein, have worked in the United States, travelling  with a Carnival from New York to Florida. Afterwards, he was working in the United  Kingdom at a recruitment agent arranging work for South African students interested in working in the UK in their gap year; before joining Tesco's as a  regional Merchandiser.  He returned to South Africa in 2008 to take care of family responsibilities.
Since returning to South Africa, he worked in various building and transport sectors, as well as being a maintenance manager for a Crèche, but also as a freelance sales rep for a company supplying industrial coatings to the paint and mining industries. Feel free to request some data sheets for any products that comes to mind. Please see his Linked-In profile for more information, or drop us a note for more information.
In  March 2020 we were to travel to New Zealand for job interviews in Christchurch; starting to work there in May 2020.  Covid-19 lockdowns came into effect two days before departure. On 1  December 2020 we should have landed in France for a year-long project  renovation and marketing project. South Africa was then red listed  by the Europe Union due to a new strain of Covid-19 discovered in  the country.
Since the delay of our departure to New Zealand in 2020 we have travelled through various parts of  South Africa and Namibia, focusing on volunteer and short-term projects. We are currently residing in Swellendam, Western Cape.
With New Zealand borders still closed, the chances of relocating to New  Zealand is getting slimmer every day. We are available for day jobs,  contract or temporary positions while in search of long-term or possible  permanent employment opportunities.
Thank you!
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